$4mil will fund MDMA trials for PTSD; marked ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ by FDA. Pineapple Fund is matching MAPS donations 1:1.


Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

You might’ve heard of PTSD. It’s a debilitating illness usually affecting people who arealreadyvictims, like sexual assault survivors who still suffer and are tormented every day since. Not only do they experience traumatic flashbacks, even sleep is no relief thanks to serious nightmares. It is life threatening.

Existing treatment for PTSD aren’t great. Therapy can be helpful, but they’re often not enough, especially for severe PTSD. There are only two drugs approved by the FDA: SSRIs like Zoloft and Paxil. Those drugs must be taken continuously, and can cause serious side effects. Mania, seizures, inability to orgasm, and suicide are known side effects.

In 1986, a nonprofit named MAPS was started to develop legal contexts for beneficial uses of psychedelics and marijuana. 31 years later, MAPS has found its most promising candidate yet: MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as a treatment for PTSD.

The numbers: 68% (MDMA) versus 25% (placebo)

They’ve already conducted Phase 2 studies in the US, Canada, Israel, and Switzerland. After a comprehensive therapeutic process involving preparatory sessions, MDMA-assisted therapy sessions, and non-drug therapy sessions,61% no longer met the criteria for PTSD. This improved to68%after a year. Of those who met the criteria, many experienced significant reductions in symptoms. This is compared to only 25% for the placebo group, who received all the therapy, but with a sugar pill instead of MDMA.

For most people, the benefits are lasting. MAPS conducted one long-term outcome study, evaluating patients ~3.5 years after the last MDMA-assisted sessions. Average benefits even increased slightly over time.

“The MDMA sessions were the first time I’d ever felt love for myself. It was the first time I’d ever felt happy. I hugged my therapist and said ‘Thank you.'”

After MAPS’ studies, the FDA granted‘Breakthrough Therapy Designation’to MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

Now they need to conduct Phase 3 trials, which are far costlier due to requirements for an increased sample size, groups, etc, even through the stage with highest failure rates (Phase 2) is already over. MAPS has achieved the extra-ordinary journey of bringing MDMA-assisted psychotherapy all the way to Phase 3; a drug that pharmas will never touch because it will disrupt their recurring revenue streams of SSRIs.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will cost about $25 million. They’ve raised $17 million already ($1 mil from PF included), and need another $8 million to get to the finish line.

I have never donated to MAPS (or even heard of them) before starting the Pineapple Fund. PF donated $1 million, and that inspired another anonymous donator togive another $1 millionin bitcoin. To whoever you are, you’re amazing, and you are inspiring. <3

I believe we, the cryptocurrency community, can fully fund Phase 3 trials. Prescription MDMA could be a gift to this world from the bitcoin community.

If the trial succeeds, it could be approved as early as 2021. MAPS has created a public benefit corporation, fully owned by the non-profit, that would sell MDMA post-approval. This is a scalable andfinancially sustainablestructure that could kickstart a renaissance in research into the therapeutic applications of many different psychedelics.

Pineapple Fund will double the value of every donation to MAPSfrom today until March 10th, up to $4 million.

You can donate with bitcoin. It’s like donating bitcoin for $30,000 each!



You can also donate with legacy payment systems like credit cards or PayPal, and PF will also match that donation.

Your donations are tax deductible (if you’re a US taxpayer), and you don’t even have to pay capital gains tax. Ask for a receipt if so.

Let’s make MDMA medicine a reality, and give the gift of an enjoyable life to those suffering from PTSD. If you believe that psychedelic drugs can have incredible therapeutic potential, then I believe this is one of the highest impact projects today.

And let’s do it with cryptocurrency 🙂