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Always DYOR before investing in cryptocurrencies

now that we have that out of the way……

Lets talk cryptocurrency…

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The first thing to keep in mind is that this is for the long haul…. If you’re in it for short gains or quick profits you are going to have a bad time. HODL!

Virtually every time I buy a small amount of cryptocurrencies the price usually goes down after so its very important not to get caught up in the price.

also very important to not invest into cryptocurrencies money that your are not willing to lose ie the whole think could go to ZERO… although it would be extremely unlikely and in my opinion bitcoin and some of the other “ALT Coins” like Litecoin will be the future of how we store value and buy things.

I also truly believe that cryptocurrnecy will allow us to take the power back from the banks and allow us to be our own banks.

being your own bank has its benefits but that also means that you need to be your own security guard and build a very strong vault.

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the only way to truly “own” any cryptocurrency is to hold the “private key” and the only way to hold your private keys is to store your bitcoin on your own wallet

there are many wallets….

The best one so far that blends ease of use with the ability to own your keys is the “Exodus desktop wallet” I will provide links to all of this stuff later on ….

the absolute safest way to keep your bitcoin is on a hardware wallet like a “Ledger Nano s” those are bit pricey to get at first but if you plan on staying into crypto its a good investment.

So now you’re thinking to yourself… yep… this is cool and all but he still hasen’t told me how to buy the stuff yet.

Go to this link and click BUY BITCOIN

this will take you to COINBASE.

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Since its a ref link I will get a small amount of bitcoin for referring you there.

Coinbase is by far the best way to buy bitcoin

and the easiest in my opinion.

Go there and buy a little bit of BITCOIN maybe some Ethereum and Litecoin, if you are so inclined, but STAY AWAY FROM BITCOIN CASH!!!!!!!!!!

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it is SHIT!!!!!

the whole community is pissed off that Coinbase listed that scam coin.

dont get me started on the founder of BTRASH Roger VER, he is a scammer

ok… I got triggered… sorry… I’m calm now. ?

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Once you buy a little of the “real stuff” on Coinbase, its a good idea to transfer it off of Coinbase and into your Exodus wallet… that way you hold the private keys…. The Exodus wallet if free btw and it runs on your PC, Mac or Linux machine.

Welcome to the future my friend, enjoy the ride!!!!!

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Go to this link and click BUY BITCOIN

Go to this link and download?Exodus desktop wallet

Go to this link and buy a?Ledger Nano s